IT support services to meet your business objectives

By providing the rental support services that you need, we are confident that you will continue to work with R3NTECH for years to come after you have done business with us!

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How does it work?

1. Request a Quote

From the variety of technology we have available

2. Payment

No long-term contracts, just pick the small affordable payment option that fits your budget.

3. Delivery

Along the way we include delivery, set-up and product service. You can even upgrade to a newer device.

4. Warranty

We look after your hardware warranty as well as software needs.

Why choose R3NTECH?

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Protect Against Advancing technology and Obsolescence

With R3NTECH, you have the option to add on or upgrade during the rental term. At the end of the rental period, we will upgrade your equipment if you decide to renew another term with us.

Make Predictable Monthly Payments

R3NTECH allows you to make payments over time rather than investing a lump sum up front. Payments can be tailored to budget levels.

Lower Your Upfront IT Equipment Costs

R3NTECH reduces upfront costs to reduce impact on cash flow. It also preserves working capital and existing credit lines, freeing up cash for other expenses.

Get Flexible Pay Structures

We offer 100% financing with no money down and payment structures that match cash flows or business cycles.

Trusted Professionals

Star Shield is the largest network of Extended Warranty and Repair Service provider in Singapore.

IsupporT is an on-demand technical support service. We provide remote access technical support for your personal or work-related IT issues.

R3NTECH is one of the most competitive computer rental companies in the industry. We ensure the highest quality rental IT equipment is delivered to every customer.